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Our occupational health 管理 solutions empower you to manage employee health and improve your practice’s productivity. Enable your organization to proactively address problem areas using powerful tools including compliance 管理, surveillance, case 管理 and billing coordination. 联系我们 to discover which solution is the best fit for your employee health needs.



我们最新的职业健康解决方案 PureOHS 提供了一套提高运营效率的工具。作为模块化平台构建,您可以选择所需的模块,并根据不断变化的需求进行扩展。 PureOHS 是一个移动平台,因此您的团队可以随时随地输入和管理数据。主要特点包括:

Clinical suite Track occupational and nonoccupational cases, including diagnosis, cause of injury, treatment plans and doctor and nurse notes. Schedule your patients with customizable views and drag-and-drop capabilities.
Incident 管理 Record, manage and report incidents, near misses or other conditions that could lead to injury or illness. Export required forms ready to upload to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and identify key areas for safety improvement.
Medical surveillances Track which employees are due for what testing and when the test is required. PureOHS surveillances are flexible enough to handle nearly any protocol in any organization with little configuration.
Case 管理 With integrated guidelines and a complete case manager toolset, manage injured employees back to work safely and efficiently while streamlining communication for all involved.
Compliance and reporting At-a-glance reports allow you to see the compliance rates of your most complicated surveillance programs. Quickly identify which employees are in and out of compliance and take action to fill the gaps.
Encounter 管理 Comprehensive documentation 管理 for all compliance activities including audio screenings, Department of Transportation (DOT) exams, pulmonary function tests (PFTs) and physicals.
Employee and supervisor views Provide visibility to the entire workforce to help communicate compliance rates and modified work duties. Automate data collection and reporting so that workers spend less time away from their primary job functions.
Event 管理 Eliminate paperwork associated with large-scale vaccination clinics. PureOHS can replicate nearly any paper form and all forms can be signed electronically.


对于医院附属的职业医学计划或独立实践,客户要求为其员工提供最高质量的职业医疗保健。这意味着管理最佳护理并实时保存详细的患者记录,并快速准确地对服务进行计费。 UL 解决方案帮助实现这一目标。

SYSTOC is a powerful tool that helps hospital-affiliated occupational health programs and freestanding practices streamline the recording of information as clinic visits are in progress.

自动化协议可帮助您的诊所快速准确地计费,包括协助免疫登记的协议。三十多年来,在我们专家的支持下,SYSTOC 通过以下方式为医疗保健提供商市场提供了高效、有效的解决方案:

  • 为医疗专业人员开发全面的文档功能
  • 自动化劳动密集型、纸质流程
  • 简化复杂的诊所工作流程
  • 简化急诊室和工伤赔偿 (W/C) 的计费流程
  • 利用更新的 Tap2Chart 技术快速转录医疗记录
  • 使用支持文档以电子方式计费
  • 使用简化临床数据集的导入和导出用于药物筛查、放射学和实验室指令的健康七级 (HL7) 标准
  • 支持以电子方式签署记录
  • 自动化 DOT 联邦汽车运输安全管理员配给 (FMCSA) 界面
  • 通过电子邮件批处理和安全发送报告
  • 将现有纸质表格转换为交互式 PDF

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Manage the occupational health needs of your workforce with OHM, a complete set of tools to reduce workplace injuries and manage compliance. Identify problem areas and risk of injuries in your workforce. OHM software streamlines your clinic workflows and integrates occupational health and safety information into one system, saving you time and money.


Immunizations and vaccinations Manage your immunization program to access a comprehensive, at-a-glance compliance screen. View population and individual reports and statistics. Retrieve archived test results and apply functions for batch vaccinations, purified protein derivative (PPD) and automated consent forms.
Health portal Provide a secure entry point to engage employees to schedule/reschedule all health-related appointments; easily access, download, configure and sign consent forms and questionnaires that must be completed before a clinic visit; print vaccination and shot records at the click of a button without calling a clinic; and gain single-point access to clinic-related activity.
Medical surveillance Track and record employees’ compliance with required screenings and tests.
Case and claims 管理 Integrated with Official Disability Guidelines and MDGuidelines, OHM allows you to monitor occupational and nonoccupational cases and manage claims and reduce the cost of employee absences.
Clinic 管理 Revenue/outcome analyses and other functions help you deliver and track clinical services, and streamline operations.
Compliance reporting Determine whether an incident is OSHA recordable, maintain electronic logs and print required documents including OSHA 300, 300A and 301 reports.




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